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Registered under the Society Registration act 1860, 12A, 80G, Niti Ayog & ISO Certified || Boys Hostel Available

About us

Holy Heart Special School is a Centre of service to the children with special needs. It has been established for serving children with special needs under the aegis of Sneh Social Welfare Foundation.

Holy heart special school is fully equipped with the school session , providing special education , therapies , multiple skill training to all kind of children with behaviour problems & multiple disability like autism , MR , cerebral palsy , ADHD , slow learners , Down syndrome , etc. our motto is “ being together for growing together” without any distraction of religion , caste and colour.

After the success and positive feedback of our first branch which is at Dwarka Mor, we laid the foundation of the Second Branch of Holy Heart Special School in Nangloi, where a school for children with special needs was much needed. We also received many queries for special schools from areas near Nangloi, and after looking at the needs and requirements, we decided to open another branch of our school in that area.

In an area like Nangloi, people are not really aware about the needs and requirements of children with special needs. In fact, people are also not aware about the fact that children with special needs can live a self-sustained life and acquire great opportunities.

So to fulfill these requirements we took another step towards making this society resourceful also for all children with special needs.

Know more about us

  • Objective of our school
    • To provide appropriate related services to cchidren with special needs.
    • To provide comprehensive rehabilitation services such as psychiatry, behaviour modification, speech therapy & physiotherapy etc.
    • To encourage parental involvement and understanding of special education programs.
  • Purpose of our school
    • To impart educations and therapies to children with special needs.
    • Providing pre vocational and vocational services with a view to make these children independent.
    • To provide therapies and impart counselling sessions & create a dedicated oriented professionals in the field.

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