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Registered under the Society Registration act 1860, 12A, 80G, Niti Ayog & ISO Certified || Boys Hostel Available

Speech Therapy

The treatment of speech and communication disorders. The approach used varies depending on the disorder. It may include physical exercise to strengthen the muscles use in speech (oral –motor work) speech drills to improve clarity, or sound, or loudness and production practice to improve articulations and language parameters.

We here at Holy Heart Special School deal with all types of special children, whether speech or language problems.

  • We assess the child and provide individual therapy plans.
  • We take children with ASD, Down’s syndrome, CP, MR, ADHD, and Muscular dystrophy, HI, LD and Aphasia.
  • We use latest techniques developed for a particular disability. We plan different activities for children e.g. to teach blowing we use paper blow, candle blow then progressing to spirometer.
  • We start with the base to achieve every milestone till we achieve a skilled performance.
  • We are focused on fun way learning approach with help of activities.
  • In early intervention group, we give more focus on fun way learning.
  • In older children, we categorize students as per their interests and abilities.
  • We focus on one-on-one learning.
  • Group communication is used in a play way approach to improve social interaction.